On to the next project

Habari gani! Kuumba (Creativity):

I completed a book review for Confronting Slavery:  Breaking through the Corridors of Silence.  It was a project for which I was paid, so I can’t post it.  But,  I’d like to mention an argument that Alvin O. Thompson, the Caribbean  writer, writes about in the book.  It is of particular interest to me because I had a similar argument with a teacher, when I was in high school.  “Michael Dingwall, a Black Jamaican freelance writer… has argued forcefully that “slavery was good for the black man.”  In the book, Thompson continues to elucidate Dingwall’s argument.  He then counters with (and I’ve shortened it considerably),” …Dingwall demonstrates how little and/or ineffectively we have taught Black people about the horrors of New World slavery and its adverse impact on the development of post-slavery societies in this part of the universe…”

The Journal of African American History  (JAAH) Volume 102, No.1, Special Issue, Winter 2017,  published my review of  Ethelene Whitmire’s book about Regina Anderson Andrews:  Harlem Renaissance Librarian.  My copy came this week.

I told you about  my Amazon giveaway last week for my children’s book, A Birthday Story.  Write me and let me know if you received a posting on Facebook about it.  I requested that the announcement about it be sent to my Facebook friends.

I want to start a listing of works that I come across that I think my interest you.  I’ll list a couple each week for the next few weeks.  The first book  for grades K-5, is for teachers and is distributed by Stenhouse Publishers and entitled When Writers Drive the Workshop:  Honoring Young Voices and Bold Choices by Brian Kissel.  The second book Katie Egan Cunningham for grades K-8 is Story Still the Heart of Literacy Learning.

Well, on to the next project.


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Lana Jean Mitchell is a writer. She writes poetry, books and movies reviews, short stories and essays. She wrote a movie review blog for more than a year, and is currently has an author's blog I'm on social media, Facebook, twitter, linked-in, and of course amazon.com, and several sites where poetry and books/ children's books are discussed. Visit me with a tweet, a comment, and/or a Goodreads review.

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