Potpourri March 4, 2017

Yesterday was my birthday for the year 2017. Happy birthday to me. On my birthday I submitted a fiction short story to two publications; The Sun magazine and AGNI. On March 1st I submitted that same story to MARS Literary Journal. I’ll get back to you about how it turns out,i.e., if either of the publications publish the story. If you believe in luck, give me some. Maybe it will help to get it published.

I decided in October to again try my skills at writing a short story. I’ve never written one outside of the classroom. The title of the piece is “Who Would Kill My Mother?” I’ll should start to hear from the publications in about a month.

Also on my birthday I was taken to dinner by our son, got a cake and ice cream with a small celebration from my fiancee, received a card from my sister-in-law to be and three phone calls from family in Cincinnati, and shopped a local store to catch the sale for those with March birthdays, and another store to buy a two drawer file cabinet to match my desk and give me more drawers for my files.

I celebrate my birthday before and after the date so before the 3rd, I got a couple of cards and an article from the New York Times about the wedding announcement for Ida B. Wells. Ida is one of the heroines I appreciate receiving information about. Today I received a card from my niece who will receive an email in return.

March is Women’s History Month, a good time to read about the contributions of women to the US and world. What we’ve done in recorded history will probably surprise you.
I think I finish.


Author: mitchellworksweb

Lana Jean Mitchell is a writer. She writes poetry, books and movies reviews, short stories and essays. She wrote a movie review blog for more than a year, and is currently has an author's blog I'm on social media, Facebook, twitter, linked-in, and of course amazon.com, and several sites where poetry and books/ children's books are discussed. Visit me with a tweet, a comment, and/or a Goodreads review.

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