Professor Stanlie James

The Arizona State University’s (ASU) charter, “rightfully declares that we define ourselves by whom we include, rather than whom we exclude.” Professor Stanlie James, an African American female, is Vice Provost for inclusion and community engagement at Arizona State University where she has been an administrator and faculty member for the past decade, says the West Des Moines Register, Tuesday, September 27, 2016, edition.

I am highlighting Dr. Stanlie in today’s post because of her work with diversity and inclusion; themes that informed my work as a former teacher and currently as a writer.

The Special To The Register where I found the article on Professor James, states that, “Professor Stanlie James has taught about diversity and inclusion for many years, from Arizona to Senegal and Uganda.” As an administrator and faculty member, at ASU, she will help lead the community in how to further understand and tackle issues associated with race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality and other forms of diversity, by helping guide university leaders, faculty and organizations on sustaining and accelerating the university’s commitment to inclusion. “Stanley,” states ASU executive Vice President Mark Searle, “is the ideal candidate to help us advance both our mission and our responsibility to create and environment in which issues of diversity are turned from challenges into opportunities to build understanding.”

A fourth generation Iowan, daughter of a dentist and a teacher, James grew up in Des Moines, and attended elementary school through high school. The Register article states that her career in research and teaching has focused on gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, class and oppression in the U.S. and Africa,as well as international women’s human rights.”

My thanks to Dr. James and the Special to Des Moines Register for this week’s post.


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