Happy New Year – 2017

Today’s post is my first of the New Year. This year is not starting as I planned. I wanted to be looking ahead to a better year. Instead it is starting like it will be a year that the world continues to take and not give. Promises being made that are not kept with no explanation but a lot of I want. In my world, not being able to rid myself of people who do not have my best interest in mind. Who steal, who talk about harm being done, who do it in the guise of religion. See! Same old things. Okay! I’m over the idea that this is something other than the way the world is. How about you?

I completed reading “Tale of Two Cities” this morning after I took an early morning walk in sub-zero weather, windchill considered. The temperature, according to the weather on television was 6 degrees. Lot of people out at that dark time of the morning. Most of them in cars. I saw one other walker. I feel better, from the exercise.

I’ve got more things planned for today, before I go to sleep, so that and the fact that I don’t really have a lot I want to say, will keep this writing short.
I’m sad, no need to visit that on everyone who might read this blog. No readers last week.


Author: mitchellworksweb

Lana Jean Mitchell is a writer. She writes poetry, books and movies reviews, short stories and essays. She wrote a movie review blog for more than a year, and is currently has an author's blog I'm on social media, Facebook, twitter, linked-in, and of course amazon.com, and several sites where poetry and books/ children's books are discussed. Visit me with a tweet, a comment, and/or a Goodreads review.

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